The Nintendo Switch calculator app sums up everything that’s wrong with the eShop

Why, for the affection of Goombas, is there a Calculator app at the Nintendo Transfer eShop that prices $10 / £8? A calculator app this is no other to the loose one you’ll in finding for your telephone or laptop, however person who’s now to be had on Nintendo’s console for an inexplicable value. It simply doesn’t upload up.

The Nintendo Transfer eShop has already develop into a irritating enjoy for customers. It can be a gateway to numerous very good indie video games – in addition to ingenious Nintendo Transfer On-line titles like Tetris 99 – but it surely’s develop into a scorching mess over time because of Nintendo’s lax stewardship. The Calculator app (sport?) is the entire evidence one may want that the bar is so low, that so long as a sport works, it’ll be allowed to slither onto the eShop, despite the fact that it stinks up the joint within the procedure. 

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