Spyra has a new digital water blaster that looks like it’ll blow the original away

In 2018, we marveled over the Spyra One, an try to crowdfund a contemporary Tremendous Soaker that would blast veritable bolts of water; replenish itself from a pool; and care for a virtual ammo gauge of your pictures, due to a heap of electronics, a self-pressurizing tank, and a battery you recharge by way of a typical USB-C port. The large catch: you needed to be keen to possibility north of $133 on an unproven Kickstarter that wound up delivery a yr in the back of agenda.

However now not simplest did Spyra sooner or later set up to send the ones blasters (11,000 of them, in line with the corporate) it’s now were given a brand new model coming subsequent month that seems like an enormous development in nearly each means. The brand new Spyra Two fires quicker, additional, has two times the battery lifestyles, the corporate claims the pump is much less noisy now — and this time, the corporate says it’s already manufactured and in a position to send in early June without a crowdfunding by any means. The preliminary gadgets appear to be offered out, however Spyra’s site says it’ll have extra in July.

The one problem, on paper in any case, is a decrease capability of 20 pictures in comparison to the 25 of the unique… and a $159 pricetag. You’ll nonetheless fee up 3 distinct pictures at a time, each and every in a position to dispense a shot-glass price of water at your pals, or fee up for a larger blast that may trip as much as 46 toes when you’re aiming at a 45-degree attitude.

Right here’s a snappy spec comparability I whipped up:

Spyra Spec Shootout

Spec Spyra One Spyra Two
Spec Spyra One Spyra Two
Capability 25 blasts 20 blasts
Priming pace 1.5 seconds 1.1 seconds
Efficient vary 25 toes 30 toes
Most vary 40 toes 46 toes
Replenish time 14 seconds 12 seconds
Blast measurement 30ml 30ml
Tank measurement 750ml 600ml (approx)
Battery lifestyles 45 refills / 1125 blasts 90 refills / 2000 blasts
Price time 6 hours TBD
Value ~$133 $159

Whilst the corporate doesn’t appear to have an legitimate video of the brand new Spyra Two in motion but, simply the transient intro above, you’ll take a look at this video from YouTuber LordDraconical for an concept of what the blaster’s able to.

Drac issues out that it’s additionally were given a rubber flap over the USB-C port now, letting you extra totally submerge it in a swimming pool. The corporate’s documentation isn’t fairly transparent on whether or not that’s a good suggestion, despite the fact that: whilst one FAQ web page states that “All elements of the SpyraTwo are personally safe agains[t] water injury” and that the principle possibility is solely that it gained’t go with the flow, some other FAQ reads:

The SpyraTwo is sort of a yoghurt cup, because of this your SpyraTwo will refill with water and sign up for the Titanic. This may additionally build up the dripping at the barrel. Amongst different issues, this will impact the lifespan of the SpyraTwo!


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