Phantom vibrations are still surprisingly common

Have you ever ever reached into your pocket on your smartphone since you felt a vibration handiest to seek out it’s rapid asleep and not using a calls, messages, or pending notifications? Congrats, you’ve skilled a phantom vibration. It’s a curious phenomenon believed to be extra of a addiction or short-term hallucination than a well being factor. However, it may be ugly.

That stated, we would have liked to grasp from you should you’ve ever skilled phantom vibrations. Right here’s the way you polled.

Have you ever had phantom vibrations when your telephone used to be on your pocket?


Greater than 1,800 readers took section in our ballot, and the consequences show off simply how in style phantom vibrations are amongst our readers. Greater than 4 in 5 respondents admit to experiencing phantom vibrations at least one time sooner than. Simply 19.9% of readers have now not skilled the phenomenon.

Curiously, in some other ballot we ran previous this month, handiest 14.8% of respondents use the silent profile on their gadgets. Just about 80% of the polled readers use both the sound profile or vibrate profile.

Even though phantom vibrations were obvious neatly sooner than the crack of dawn of the smartphone, some assets characteristic the phenomenon to our rising attachment to generation. It’s now not a brand new factor, although. Pager customers skilled one thing identical. When other people nonetheless used telephones as their identify suggests, “ringxiety” used to be the similar, too.

However, readers give their theories for the phenomenon and the way they beat phantom vibrations under.

Right here’s what you informed us

  • CrossbredLemon: I’m beautiful positive those are simply usual muscle spasms that occur all over the place the frame. It’s simply once we now affiliate the sensation with our telephones vibrating as a substitute of now not even acknowledging it going down.
  • Varusal: Wasn’t it as a result of muscle reminiscence. So you are feeling a vibration at all times at the facet you will have your telephone for the reason that mind thinks it’s commonplace on your muscle tissue to vibrate now and again.
  • jevrock: It additionally occurs with my watch lol.
  • Montisaquadeis: No and most probably as a result of I don’t stay my telephone on vibrate so my frame hasn’t interfered that there’s random vibrations happening in my pocket and I have a tendency to stay my telephone in chest pocket in my jackets in any case or a again towards my again if It’s not that i am dressed in a jacket so yeah no hip wallet for me in my opinion.
  • Evie: Yeah. Even if my telephone is on silent 99% of the time.
  • Wongwatt: I flip all device vibration off and use a turn case so not anything for me.
  • Marshall: If it isn’t a spasm from inconsistent flow, it’s a misinterpreted display screen contact. You probably have a pocket mode for disabling gestures or touches, use that.

That’s it for this ballot! Thank you on your votes and feedback. You probably have any further anecdotes about phantom vibrations or ideas at the ballot effects, make sure you drop them down under.

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