Here are the pregnancy app features I actually want

A perfect student as soon as famous that “there’s an app for that.” Being pregnant isn’t any exception. I exploit my telephone to control almost about the entirety else in my existence, so after I came upon I used to be pregnant, it used to be a herbal subsequent step to head in search of an app to carry my hand throughout the enjoy. I’ve been the usage of a few fashionable apps interchangeably — Ovia and What to Be expecting — and normally, they’re lovely excellent. However I’ve notes.

So with out additional ado, right here’s a listing of calls for from me, a pregnant woman and not using a app building enjoy, to the being pregnant app creators of the arena. It’s the impractical being pregnant monitoring app of my goals. And consider it or now not, you’ll use those concepts without spending a dime to your subsequent replace. You’re welcome.

  • A snooze alarm that sends a push notification to the opposite population of my area not to disturb me after I set it.
  • A shortcut to reserve a Popeyes hen sandwich on DoorDash with precedence supply.
  • A hotline to name after I know I’m being unreasonably emotional however wish to cry about one thing trivial that came about, like “The pharmacist used to be slightly brief with me,” or “I simply in reality wish to devour a Frosty at the moment and I’m miles clear of the closest Wendy’s.” My partner does now not want this type of added tension in his existence at the moment, and I simply desire a digital shoulder to cry on.
  • Fetal measurement comparisons to fast-food menu pieces. Talk my language, please! I have no idea how massive a mille-feuille is (and I’ve even noticed Bake Off!), however I do know precisely how massive a McDonald’s hen nugget is.
  • 0 mentions of wholesome snack recipes, over the top weight achieve warnings, or, god forbid, the word “You’re now not consuming for 2!” The fuck I’m now not. My frame is actually making a whole-ass human from scratch. On occasion I’m simply exhausted, in poor health of consuming child carrots with hummus, and my soul wishes the type of soothing just a bowl of peanut M&Ms can give.
  • Push notifications for helpful issues, like after I if truth be told wish to get started searching for a crib or a stroller. In reality, simply select one for me and agenda a Goal pickup.
  • A “excellent vibes handiest” group discussion board. I really like having the ability to connect to different pregnant people who find themselves due round the similar time, however studying about headaches in folks’s pregnancies sends me right into a concern spiral that I simply don’t want at the moment.
  • Day-to-day affirmations that I’m doing superb and no matter meals or beverage merchandise I’m anxious about setting up my frame is most probably superb.

Fellow armchair app builders: did I leave out anything else? Let me know within the feedback — simply, you recognize, excellent vibes handiest.

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