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Halo Infinite: All Audio Log Places

Halo lore has develop into a lot bigger than simply the video games. Even after simply the primary entry, Halo: Fight Developed, the universe was expanded into a number of books, comics, and different media that expanded upon the deep lore the video games solely scratched the floor of. Even ignoring all that further content material, Halo Infinite is technically the sixth mainline recreation starring Grasp Chief, plus there’s Halo: Attain, and the 2 Halo Wars video games that additionally issue into the story. If you happen to haven’t stored up, leaping into Halo Infinite is usually a little tough.

To assist in giving context to all the brand new followers, or outdated followers who aren’t diving deep into the expanded Halo universe, Halo Infinite has tucked away a collection of audio logs to assist in giving context for what precisely is going on within the recreation. These logs are recorded by all the key factions within the recreation, together with the UNSC, the Banished, and even different Spartans. There are dozens to search out and are all value listening to, which makes it that rather more irritating that they aren’t recognized in your map. To get the entire image of what’s actually taking place on Zeta Halo in Halo Infinite, comply with alongside to see each audio log location within the recreation.

Notice: Some audio logs are solely accessible throughout particular story missions. Proper now, there isn’t any solution to replay any marketing campaign mission with out beginning all the recreation over, so ensure you gather them as you go to keep away from having to replay all the recreation over.

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All audio logs in Warship Gbrakkon

A map of a warship.

Beginning off within the first mission, we might as nicely begin with the UNSC Recovered Recordsdata 01 log, which is routinely given to you as you undergo the extent, so no want to fret about searching this one down.

Evacuation 01: That is the primary Spartan log and is missable. It will likely be within the room you enter after driving the primary elevator. It will likely be straight forward on a stack of containers in opposition to the wall.

Escharum’s Testimony 01: The following log belongs to the Banished. Go ahead till you attain the ship’s bridge the place you’re going to get just a little exposition from Escharum. On the right-hand aspect of the room is the door from the place you entered is the glowing orange log beside a weapon rack and door.

All audio logs in Basis

Like the primary mission, one the UNSC The Query audio log is obtained throughout a cutscene on this mission and may’t be missed.

Escharum’s Testimony 02: Throughout the mission, you’ll have The Weapon activate a second gentle bridge in a big room filled with enemy forces with the target being “Attain the Floor.” Clear them out and comply with the target marker to a door. The glowing log is simply to the left of it on a small field.

UNSC Prisoner 01: As you’re attending to the top of this mission you’ll have the target to make use of an influence seed to activate an elevator. The marker will lead you to the ability seed, however earlier than you seize it, take a peak to the left for the very apparent glow of this audio log.

All audio logs in Outpost Tremonious

The ultimate mission the place you’ve the prospect to overlook audio logs is Outpost Tremonious.

Outpost Intel 15: A Banished audio log, that is the primary one you will get when you lastly make it to the floor of Zeta Halo. Merely comply with the principle path as quickly as you arrive. There will likely be a cliff face in your proper with a pile of purple tools containers simply earlier than you’ll go below a bridge. The audio log is leaning in opposition to the bigger containers up in opposition to the rocks.

All Zeta Halo UNSC audio logs

Looking at recovered files and logs.

We’ll begin by mentioning that every one 4 of the UNSC Recovered Recordsdata are in the principle missions, Warship Gbraakon, Basis, Nexus, and Repository respectively, however are additionally routinely obtained and don’t have to be sought out.

Infinity’s Method logs

Infinity’s Method 01: Pop open your map and, in case you haven’t already, go declare FOB Golf. When you’ve secured this base for your self, look to the left of the place you hit the seize level. Alongside the rim of the platform is a sandbag barricade with the audio log proper there.

Infinity’s Method 02: Now at FOB Foxtrot, from the terminal that you simply entry to name autos, peek over to your proper. Close to a giant container with the UNSC brand on it’s the little glowing audio log.

Infinity’s Method 03: Head over to FOB Echo and, once more from the terminal, merely flip left. Proper subsequent to you is a yellow container with the log proper on prime.

Infinity’s Method 04: Transferring on to FOB Charlie now, get again to the terminal. You barely even want to show to see this log propped up on the close by container.

Infinity’s Method 05: FOB Bravo is your subsequent vacation spot. Identical to the primary on this collection, it’s leaning up in opposition to some sandbags on the platform’s rim.

Infinity’s Method 06: Again to FOB Alpha, this one is throughout the principle platform from the terminal. Approach on the opposite finish is a few extra transport containers, in addition to the acquainted glow of an audio log.

Infinity’s Method 07: Whereas hanging out at FOB Delta, you’ll be able to seize the log simply to the fitting of the terminal subsequent to a yellow and gray field.

Infinity’s Method 08: Hit up FOB Lima and take a left whereas going through the terminal. There’s one other huge yellow and gray crate, and possibly some tires relying on the battle, however at all times an audio log beside a small makeshift mattress.

Infinity’s Method 09: FOB November is hiding this audio go online a field left close to the antenna alongside the aspect.

Infinity’s Method 10: You’ll discover this log at FOB Kila. Whereas going through the terminal, go throughout the platform and to the far proper nook of the realm, or northeast by compass.

Infinity’s Method 11: FOB Juliet has the penultimate log of this collection, but once more, leaning on a yellow and gray field simply to the fitting of the terminal.

Infinity’s Method 12: The ultimate log on this set is on FOB Lodge. Go straight ahead from the terminal to the sting and seize it amongst some provides and weapon crates.

The Prisoner logs

We already lined The Prisoner 01 within the Basis mission so will proceed from there.

The Prisoner 02: Inside The Tower, you’ll find Griffin’s armor and get the flexibility to make use of the Menace Sensor. As soon as this occurs, flip to your proper and go up a ramp to the second flooring. The log is behind one of many pillars on the fitting aspect of this room, which you’ll be able to spot by an ammo crate holding Kinetic ammo.

The Prisoner 03: Whereas tackling the mission Excavation Web site you’ll enter the principle constructing. Observe the western wall and you’ll come throughout a small cache of provides, together with a rocket launcher and this audio log.

The Prisoner 04: Outdoors of the Spire, go to the western aspect of the constructing the place you’ll find the stays of a crashed and destroyed warthog, in addition to a Spartan Core. The audio log is correct beside the corpse of the car.

The Prisoner 05: Throughout the mission Nexus, you’ll finally be pressured to enter the Command Spire. As soon as inside, you’ll come to a room requiring three Energy Seeds to energy up an elevator. Take the central door first, or final since you might want to get the Energy Seed from every of them finally, however be sure to get the audio go online the bottom to the left of a weapon rack.

The Prisoner 06: Leaping ahead to the mission Repository, you as soon as once more end up blocked by a powered down elevator needing Energy Seeds. Fortunately it’s solely two this time. Hit the terminal on the prime and watch a reasonably lengthy cutscene earlier than you’re beset by a squad of enemies. When you’ve cleaned them up, take the left door they got here via and comply with the route alongside to a room with a hologram of Zeta Halo displayed. The log is resting on the desk.

The Prisoner 07: Our final log for the prisoner set is, appropriately sufficient, discovered within the Home of Reckoning mission. You’ll finally come to a coaching battleground constructed in the course of a room. The final log is hidden to the aspect of the ramp main as much as the pretend UNSC base.

Outpost Intel

Outpost Intel 01: To the northeast of the placement Armory of Reckoning, you’ll find just a little slim path you’ll be able to take via the mountain. Alongside this path is a crashed UNSC pod with the log laying among the many wreckage.

Outpost Intel 02: Whilst you’re close to the Armory of Reckoning, go northwest of this location in direction of the close by Banished constructing. Pushed up in opposition to the rocks is a husk of a warthog with the audio log being the very last thing within the again.

Outpost Intel 03: From the Horn of Abolition location, search for the cliff to the southeast and use your grapple to make your solution to the highest. There’s a small campsite close to the highest and the audio log ready on the mattress.

Outpost Intel 04: Now going north from the Horn of Abolition, comply with the street and pay shut consideration to the fitting aspect. You’re searching for a rock under a tree with a pistol and the audio go online it, which fortunately glows that will help you spot it.

Outpost Intel 05: The primary of two on the Forge of Teash is to the northeast close to the cliff. Use your grapple to tug your self up and take the little path to a tunnel emitting inexperienced gentle. Head inside to this little UNSC hideout and the audio log laying on the mattress.

Outpost Intel 06: Going the alternative means but once more, southwest in case you’re preserving observe, head in direction of the close by hill. Grapple as much as discover the little camp overlooking a close-by base. The log is on prime of a crate subsequent to a grenade field.

Outpost Intel 07: Close to the Redoubt of Sundering, head north and you’ll come throughout a glowing purple tunnel guarded by two Grunts. Go inside and the audio log will likely be left on some rocks alongside the wall.

Outpost Intel 08: From the Redoubt of Sundering, use your grapple to climb up the cliffs additionally to the north simply beside the principle gates. This log is correct subsequent to a battle rifle.

Outpost Intel 09: South of the Ransom Hold is a slim little path that dead-ends in a riverbed you’ll be able to see out of your map. Observe it to the top to discover a crashed car and the audio log among the many particles.

Outpost Intel 10: Additionally south of the Ransom Hold are some very excessive cliffs. Both grapple to the highest or work your means up and round on foot and discover just a little space the place the timber have been lower down and a few UNSC provides are scattered round, together with this log.

Outpost Intel 11: On Annex Ridge, go to the southwest nook to the place you overlook the bottom from some metallic pillars. The log is correct subsequent to a grenade field on the bottom stage earlier than floor stage.

Outpost Intel 12: Additionally on Annex Ridge, this time go to the alternative aspect — the northeast finish. Right here there are extra metallic pillars together with your log simply beside a rifle on a yellow field on the bottom stage.

Outpost Intel 13: The ultimate two logs for this collection are close to Riven Gate. First, go north and look alongside the highest of the ridge for a small scouting camp beside the gate. On the prime is the log close to a battle rifle.

Outpost Intel 14: Lastly, go east from Riven Gate and begin grappling your means up the cliff face that will likely be on the south aspect of the principle street. Approach up prime is an deserted sniper nest, rifle and all, plus this ultimate audio log.

All Zeta Halo Spartan audio logs

Looking at a log inside a crashed pod.

The Spartan audio logs are additionally below the umbrella of Evacuation, Ringfall, Reverie, Retaliation, and Scattered. Effectively begin with Evacuation, the primary of which we already listed as one of many missable ones within the first mission of the sport. Listed below are the remainder:


Evacuation 02: Begin out by making your solution to FOB Golf and look to the fitting of all of the weapon crates. You’ll spot a small cluster of timber that lead as much as these gray pillars. Proper up in opposition to them is a grenade field and this new audio log.

Evacuation 03: As you’re serving to out Starlight Squad to the southwest of the map, you’ll find the stays of a battlefield in a sandy space. Search for the metallic ramp main as much as a turret and go beneath to safe this log.

Evacuation 04: Maybe the toughest to search out of this batch, head to the placement the place you might want to assist Boxer Squad simply south of Cayman Squad. Climb up the close by mountain to the east of the grime street and also you’ll discover a small deserted campsite. This log is left on the bedroll close to the again.

Evacuation 05: Again to FOB Foxtrot, head northwest and down into the ravine. There’s a single physique of a poor UNSC soldier down right here proper subsequent to the audio log.

Evacuation 06: From the Mjolnir Armory, which is conveniently close to FOB Foxtrot, go to the cliffs operating alongside the western edge. This audio log is close to yet one more corpse on one of many gray pillars, together with a grenade field.

Evacuation 07: The ultimate log on this subset is means down south on the massive mountain masking many of the space. There’s a propaganda tower you should use for reference. From the tower, go southeast and down the principle path however hold your ear out for once you strategy the log and have to go off-road. It will likely be close to a pleasant little weapon cache, together with a sniper.


Ringfall 01: To the southwest of the Mjolnir Armory, the place you will discover Starlight Squad and a propaganda tower to take out, is a wall made from the gray pillars. Use your grapple to scale it and stroll across the edge to nab this log close to a rocket launcher.

Ringfall 02: Go north from FOB Echo and search for a small hill simply throughout the street. There will likely be a fallen marine, his rifle, and the audio log ready for you on the best way to the highest.

Ringfall 03: From the Forge of Teash, go southwest within the route of the Mjolnir Armor and Titan Squad in your map. There will likely be a waterfall right here with the log amongst a small camp left on a gray pillar beside a rifle.

Ringfall 04: Persevering with southwest from the final log, go partway between the 2 Mjolnir Armor icons and simply south of Titan Squad. It’s resting amongst a pile of boulders.

Ringfall 05: Going nearly all the best way to the coast, proper close to the place you’ll be able to rescue Pyramid Squad, this log is left proper out within the open to the southeast on the sting of the cliff.

Ringfall 06: Beginning at FOB Echo, head northeast simply outdoors the bottom itself. You’ll spot this audio log proper off the principle path close to the physique of a marine.

Ringfall 07: Quick journey over to the Horn of Abolition and make your means down south towards the placement of Thunder Squad under the mountain. Simply to the west of the squad’s location is a huge crash website. You will want to platform a bit, however the log is contained in the wrecked ship.

Ringfall 08: Our ultimate audio log on this set will take you to the intense southwest of the map, simply southeast of Starlight Squad, on the cliffs constituted of stone pillars. There’s a giant yellow field and rocket launcher beside it to assist make it a bit simpler to search out.


Reverie 01: Quick journey to the Excavation Web site first and take the street north till you hit a fork. You’ll spot a busted-down truck right here with a yellow field and the primary log proper beside it.

Reverie 02: Southwest of Outpost Tremonius, the place you go through the mission Pelican Down, is a, nicely, crashed Pelican. Take a look at the crash website to select up this audio log.

Reverie 03: Now going behind Outpost Tremonius itself, or simply south of the place it can save you Cobra Squad, is one other crash website to take a look at. This time it’s an escape ship, and hidden contained in the hull is that this log.

Reverie 04: The following crash website we’re searching for is in the identical place you’ll encounter Tovarus and Hyperius, which is south of the river. Head into the downed plane and you’ll simply discover this log close to a yellow crate.

Reverie 05: A simple one to get after quick touring to FOB Bravo, go north and climb up the hill. Nearly close to the highest is just a little encampment with the log.

Reverie 06: Lastly, go to the tallest mountain on this space to the southeast of the Excavation Web site the place you will discover and rescue Foxhound Squad. After they’ve been saved, take a look at their camp and choose up this ultimate audio log left on prime of a gray field.


Retaliation 01: Whereas doing the Pelican Down mission, or returning to the place it occurred, go into the ship’s carcass and discover the log tucked away between two segments of wall.

Retaliation 02: In the identical space, this time on the east aspect of the large crash website the place the anti-aircraft weapons are, there’s a crashed troop ship you might want to go into proper close to a Spartan Core that may pop in your map. The log is simply inside close to a rifle.

Retaliation 03: Go straight east of the gun battery to a different huge crashed ship that left a protracted trench within the grime. Find the engine and, alongside the left aspect wall, will likely be this log close to some provides.

Retaliation 04: Alongside the ridge of mountains to the north of the crash zone, proper between two of the anti-aircraft gun placements, there’s just a little sniper outpost below a tree. Beside the sniper is the glowing audio log.

Retaliation 05: Lastly leaving that space, go to FOB Lima and head south. Hold your eyes alongside the cliff wall for an additional little UNSC provide setup with this audio log.

Retaliation 06: As soon as you will get to the Reformation part of the map, which turns into out there once you do The Sequence mission, go to FOB November and head west. There’s a huge gap within the ring you might want to fastidiously hop down to succeed in this glowing log.

Retaliation 07: Additionally within the Reformation space, get to FOB Kilo and head to the close by lake. A marine arrange just a little campsite alongside the sting and stored this go online his mattress.

Retaliation 08: The ultimate log isn’t removed from the final. Simply southeast of FOB Lima, this audio log is stored amongst some yellow crates and a weapon below a tree out within the open.


Picking up a UNSC audio log.

Scattered 01: Quick journey to FOB Juliet and begin heading to the mountain southeast, west of Riven Gate and north of Myriad. Climb as much as the cliff to search out an outdated camp. The audio log is subsequent to some provide containers.

Scattered 02: With out going too far, head to the northwest of FOB Juliet to the north aspect of the island. There’s one huge large pillar right here you gained’t miss. Grapple or fly your solution to the highest and discover it close to a downed plane.

Scattered 03: Now over to FOB Lodge, depart the bottom heading northwest to a close-by river. There’s yet one more crashed ship right here hiding an audio log under it.

Scattered 04: Persevering with from the final log, go north and down the cliff to seek for a cave within the wall. Observe the tunnel into the mountain, finally discovering some enemies you might want to take out, and on the finish a small provide cache, together with a rocket launcher, and this log.

Scattered 05: Journey to FOB Kilo and go all the best way to the southern fringe of the map. The log is on a cliff simply earlier than the terrain turns into the gray pillars on the fringe of the world.

Scattered 06: On the Beacon location, go a bit northwest to a ravine throughout from the large metallic tower. On this small trench is just a little out cove with the audio log beneath.

Scattered 07: Quick journey to Annex Ridge and begin making your means northwest towards the large metallic wall with a waterfall cascading down the aspect.

Scattered 08: Now over to the place the Pelican Down mission occurred, search for the mountain vary to the east. On the very prime of the tallest peak is your subsequent audio log.

Scattered 09: Alongside the southern rim of the map, east of the Beacon, search for a small island simply off the sting. On the southern edge, on the gray pillars, is just a little setup of containers with the audio go online them.

Scattered 10: The final audio log for this set, and the UNSC part as a complete, takes us again to FOB Juliet. Observe the street that leads northwest till you see a small shallow marsh alongside the left aspect of the street. On the coast is that this final Spartan log.

All Zeta Halo Banished audio logs

A hologram of Escharum.

Now we have three sorts of Banished logs to gather: Archaeological Findings, Escharum’s Testimony, and their model of Outpost Intel. Let’s dive in.

Archaeological Findings

Archaeological Findings 01: The primary of those dusty logs is within the Beacon. on the northern finish of the map. As soon as inside, simply head down the ramp and straight forward to run into this log.

Archaeological Findings 02: As soon as you’ll be able to enter the door within the Beacon on the east aspect of the map, simply hold your eye open alongside the fitting wall for this orange glowing audio log.

Archaeological Findings 03: If you happen to guessed the subsequent one was on the southern Beacon, you’d be proper. Whereas inside, take the primary proper and go down the corridor. The log is laying amongst a bunch of grenades and weapons alongside the wall.

Archaeological Findings 04: Final up is, you guessed it, the western Beacon. Identical to the south one, take your first proper on the fork and journey down a ramp. The log will likely be left on the wall earlier than you enter the info room.

Escharum’s Testimony

The primary two of those logs we already lined as being locked to the principle missions Warship Gbraakon and Basis, so we’ll choose up with the remainder.

Escharum’s Testimony 03: Out on the ring, head to the courtyard space round The Tower. Simply beside the entrance gate are a bunch of Banished crates and containers. One in every of which is open and holding this log.

Escharum’s Testimony 04: Transferring over to the Excavation Web site, take the carry up inside the principle inside. Flip round in case you’re going through the principle controls and you will discover this log alongside the slanted wall.

Escharum’s Testimony 05: Now on the Pelican Down location, go only a bit southeast of probably the most western gun battery and right into a storage. This log is simply inside on the sting of a desk.

Escharum’s Testimony 06: Nonetheless in Pelican Down, we’re straight south from the far north gun battery now. Tucked in opposition to a hill is a small Banished constructing with this log inside on the left aspect.

Escharum’s Testimony 07: South of the jap gun batter this time, you’re searching for yet one more short-term Banished construction you’ll be able to enter. The log is inside on the north wall.

Escharum’s Testimony 08: Throughout the Home of Reckoning, earlier than you hit the Jega ‘Rdomnai boss space, you’re going to get a lecture from a hologram of Escharum earlier than taking an elevator experience to the coaching space. Simply to the left is just a little desk displaying a hologram of an Assault Rifle. The log is leaning in opposition to this desk.

Escharum’s Testimony 09: The ultimate testimony is on the finish of Home of Reckoning and also you’re heading to the cell the place the Pilot is being held. Across the cell’s left aspect and to the again of the room is that this simply passed-over log.

Banished Outpost Intel

The one missable Banished Outpost Intel we already lined is definitely the final one within the record and is a part of the Outpost Tremonius mission.

Banished Outpost Intel 01: There’s a small constructing inside a cliff simply to the east of the Armory of Reckoning protected by an vitality protect. All you might want to do is break the panel on the left aspect to carry it down, go inside, and choose up this log out the ground on the again finish.

Banished Outpost Intel 02: Contained in the Armory of Reckoning correct, you will want to take down the protect identical to the earlier log. You’ll additionally get a Spartan Core right here, then take the gravity carry as much as choose up the log.

Banished Outpost Intel 03: Contained in the Horn of Abolition, make a pit cease on the armory constructing outdoors and to the north of the principle management room to snag this log.

Banished Outpost Intel 04: Earlier than leaving the Horn of Abolition, go into the constructing to the north that has the lockdown controls. This log is laying on the ground right here.

Banished Outpost Intel 05: Now coming into the Forge of Teash, this log is correct in the principle path and nearly inconceivable to overlook.

Banished Outpost Intel 06: Inside a neighboring constructing that acts as a restore station from the earlier log is your subsequent cease. It’s proper by the entrance door so you’ll be able to spot it from outdoors.

Banished Outpost Intel 07: Discover the armory constructing simply outdoors the Redoubt of Sundering. Once more, it is possible for you to to identify this log from the surface.

Banished Outpost Intel 08: In a distinct constructing outdoors the Redoubt of Sundering that holds a Gravity Hammer weapon, there’s yet another log to snag on the right-hand aspect of the room.

Banished Outpost Intel 09: When you’ve taken down all 4 of the silos at Ransom Hold, a brand new constructing to the north will develop into accessible. Simply head inside and choose it up.

Banished Outpost Intel 10: Earlier than you permit Ransom Hold, although, the opposite audio log is out within the open, sort of within the nook behind the silos you simply blew up.

Banished Outpost Intel 11: Whilst you’re going via the underground portion of Annex Ridge you’ll come to a gravity carry. Earlier than you’re taking it, go round again and snatch up the audio log.

Banished Outpost Intel 12: Now on the prime of Annex Ridge, examine within the constructing the place you might want to hit a change. Simply outdoors is a container with the log resting on it.

Banished Outpost Intel 13: You will want to open up this locked room at Riven Gate, you know the way by now, and stroll inside to gather this log.

Banished Outpost Intel 14: Now going into the doorway main into the mountain at Riven Gate, the log will likely be proper contained in the entryway.

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