January 19, 2022

Hackers made $110,000 mining remotely on hijacked HP servers

In short: Between December 9 and 17, a knowledge heart of HP servers was the most important contributor to the Raptoreum cryptocurrency’s blockchain. At its peak, the middle’s output exceeded that of each different mining system mixed. A later investigation discovered that the servers had been more than likely underneath the management of hackers in the course of the interval, who would have made roughly $110,000.

At current, the corporate whose servers had been hacked hasn’t made itself identified. They’re seemingly one of many hundred or so main computing teams which have reported themselves as victims of the viral Log4J vulnerability this month, whose quantity embrace Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

The Log4J vulnerability was present in early December to allow the distant execution of arbitrary code, even on methods working as a localhost with no exterior connections. It’s since broadly been patched, though it continues to plague servers in area of interest circumstances.

It was the sudden disappearance of the HP server group on December 17 indicating that the servers had been patched which revealed they had been getting used non-consensually. One in all them, although, has been persevering with to mine; presumably it didn’t patch, or else it’s being saved as a honeypot.

All of this info is viewable by means of the Raptoreum blockchain. Its builders are bringing consideration to it to dispel the rumor that Raptoreum is unstable. Raptoreum’s base algorithm, GhostRider, is a proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mix that’s deliberately immune to accelerators and different causes of instability.

GhostRider is especially keen on AMD CPUs due to their giant L3 cache. Raptoreum is surprisingly worthwhile on AMD’s pricy Epyc server CPUs due to their 256 MB of cache on fashions with 32 or extra cores. This seemingly prompted the hackers to focus on the HP servers, which had been present in a casual investigation performed by Raptoreum’s builders to be 9000-series and utilizing Epyc processors.

Throughout the interval wherein the HP servers had been mining, the handle they belonged to gathered about 30% of the whole block reward or 3.4 million RTM. It was price round $110,000 when the hackers bought half of it on CoinEx however the half they’ve saved has barely decreased in worth since.

Masthead credit score: Lars Kienle

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