January 20, 2022

That Ridiculous Necklace Claiming To Supply 5G Safety Would possibly Be Radioactive

This Quantum Pendant, allegedly to protect you from 5G radiation, is actually radioactive
There are various individuals who assume 5G transmitters are dangerous on your well being. Some have gone as far as to say the transmitters trigger COVID-19. To guard themselves and others from the purported in poor health results of 5G mobile networks, they’ve developed quite a few merchandise to purportedly defend you from the transmissions. Satirically, a Dutch authority on radiation has issued a warning that 10 of those merchandise really emit dangerous radiation.

These merchandise embody an “Power Armor” sleeping masks, a bracelet, and a necklace. There’s even a youngsters’s bracelet, referred to as Magnetix Wellness, included within the warning.

Sleep mask to protect from 5G transmitters
One of many merchandise listed within the Dutch warning is that this sleep masks

The warning, issued by the Dutch authority for nuclear security and radiation safety (ANVS), tells homeowners, “Don’t put on it any extra, put it away safely and look ahead to the return directions”.

One other title for the equipment is “Quantum Pendant”. ANVS says the quantity of measured radiation from the merchandise is small, and the chance of well being harm is minimal. Nonetheless, long-term well being dangers can’t be dominated out if the merchandise are worn repeatedly.

The complete checklist of things deemed unsafe consists of:

  • Power Armor sleeping masks
  • Power Armor black and white necklace
  • Power Armor black tremendous bracelet
  • Magnetix Match & Slim silicone bracelet XL
  • Magnetix Magnetic necklace with damaging ions made from skin-friendly silicone.
  • Magnetix Smiley Children bracelet with damaging ions
  • Magnetix Sportboost bracelet with damaging ions
  • Quantum Pendant
  • Primary Nero bracelet

Dutch legislation has since banned the sale of those equipment, however clearly they is perhaps out there elsewhere. In reality, the Illinois Emergency Administration Company warned about dangers associated to so-called “Quantum Pendants” in 2018. That product was discovered to include thorium and uranium. Photographs of the Quantum Pendant offered by IEMA look remarkably just like the one listed within the Dutch warning.

Imagery of the Quantum Pendant included in 2018 Illinois warning
This Quantum Pendant included in IEMA’s warning seems similar to these included within the ANVS checklist

Since science has already confirmed there’s no discernible well being danger related to 5G transmitters, there actually isn’t a stable cause to put on one in every of this stuff, except after all you are down with the illness that radioactive supplies have been confirmed to inflict on people.

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