December 1, 2021

Gigabyte Releases DRM Repair Software For Alder Lake To Make It Simpler To Run Damaged Video games

Intel Alder Lake
After we examined Intel’s newest and best desktop CPUs, the Twelfth-generation Core household codenamed “Alder Lake,” we discovered them to have world-beating gaming efficiency. That is thanks largely to the refinements made to its “Golden Cove” P-cores over the “Willow Cove” cores utilized in Rocket Lake, which we are able to infer from the current RPCS3 demo evaluating the 2 on the similar clock charge and have set.

In fact, that solely applies to the video games that they will really run. As a result of Alder Lake’s as-yet-unique (within the PC area) hybrid configuration with two separate swimming pools of cores, sure online game DRM protections get confused and see the second set of cores as one other system. That causes the DRM protections to screech their whistle and kill the sport altogether, stopping affected titles from even working. We have printed a listing of affected titles already, however that listing will not be complete.

Intel says that it is working with DRM distributors to get patches out the door, however the launch of these patches is probably going going to be right down to the sport publishers themselves, and recreation publishers are notoriously reticent with regards to patching older video games.

Happily, there is a workaround, though it is form of a ache. If you happen to reboot into your system’s UEFI setup utility, there ought to be an choice to disable some or the entire CPU’s E-cores. This leaves your processor with solely its P-cores enabled, though within the extant Alder Lake CPUs, you are still taking a look at six or extra CPU cores obtainable—and people P-cores can stretch their legs somewhat, because of the spare thermal and energy headroom. Doing this may occasionally additionally mean you can allow AVX-512 directions, relying in your motherboard firmware.

gigabyte drm tool
Gigabyte’s simplistic “DRM repair device.”

When you’ve got a Gigabyte Z690 motherboard, nonetheless, there’s now an alternative choice that can allow you to skip the reboot altogether. Gigabyte has printed a Home windows utility, titled considerably confusingly as “DRM repair device,” that lets you rapidly disable your CPU’s E-cores with out restarting the machine. Utilizing the device requires a particular motherboard BIOS model, which you’ll be able to test on the obtain web page.

When you’ve got an Alder Lake system constructed round one of many suitable Gigabyte motherboards and provides the brand new DRM Repair device a shot, tell us the way it goes within the feedback under.

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