December 4, 2021

AMD Stacked 3D V-Cache Might Be Headed To Gaming GPUs After Zen 3 Ryzen Refresh

Radeon RX Graphics Card
AMD’s Zen 2 and Zen 3 processor cores stack up fairly nicely towards Intel’s best, largely due to the usage of a secret weapon: huge last-level caches. The corporate’s Radeon arm pulled the identical trick—calling it “Infinity Cache”—to permit its latest Radeons to compete with Imply Inexperienced on efficiency regardless of coming strapped with relatively-puny reminiscence interfaces.

Quickly, AMD’s doubling down on that play with refreshed Ryzen CPUs bearing 3D stacked cache, recognized so far as “3D V-Cache.” The idea is easy: AMD is actually piling on further last-level cache utilizing vertically stacked cube. The upcoming “Zen 3+” refresh will likely be essentially the identical CPUs as within the extant Ryzen 5000 sequence, simply with every 8-core Core Advanced Die (CCD) bearing an additional 64MB of cache on high, for 96MB on single-CCD components, and a whopping 192 MB of L3 cache on dual-CCD components. The closely-related EPYC Milan-X CPUs are getting the identical remedy, too, and their 8 CCDs find yourself stacking up a complete of 804MB of L3 cache.

lisasu 3Dvcache

The corporate hasn’t mentioned a phrase about 3D V-cache on graphics merchandise, however AMD’s simply filed a trademark request with the USA Patent and Trademark Workplace for the particular phrase “3D V-Cache.” That is not stunning in and of itself, however buried within the trademark submitting we will discover the record of kinds of merchandise for which the trademark will apply. There’s the anticipated CPUs and SoCs, in addition to DRAM and its controllers, however talked about quite a few instances within the submitting are AMD’s different huge product: GPUs.

Does this robotically imply that we’ll be seeing 3D V-cache seem on discrete graphics merchandise? Effectively, no, not essentially. Regardless that the submitting particularly mentions “graphics playing cards” along with quite a few cases of “GPU,” AMD might merely be submitting the trademark now in case it decides to do such a factor sooner or later.

With that mentioned, the newest rumors point out that AMD’s next-generation flagship Radeon components can have a completely huge quantity of “Infinity Cache”—as much as 512 MB, if the leakers are legit. Including on that a lot cache to a monolithic half would make the die extraordinarily giant, whereas utilizing a stacked V-cache die might assist maintain the utmost die dimension down whereas nonetheless reaping the advantages of a big cache—advantages we noticed ourselves again when the RX 6800XT launched.

It is sensible, however will it come to move? All we will do is wait and see.

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